Commercial Tinting

Commercial Tinting

Energy-saving and cost-effective, our commercial tinting service is a perfect solution for the exterior of your business. Reduce your energy costs and your need to run the AC – your investment pays for itself. are experts that provide high-quality commercial window tinting at affordable costs for Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

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Residential Tinting has also perfected residential window tinting so you can save on energy costs, keep harmful UV rays out of the home, and control the temperature inside of your home without constantly running that expensive air conditioning system. Our specialists can help you select the best options for your home, at an affordable cost.

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Residential Tinting


Provides Comfort

Llumar window films, sold and installed by, make any room or office space more enjoyable any time of the year. Our window films make your rooms more comfortable because they help correct temperature imbalances. Homeowners, business owners, their guests and occupants are happier because Llumar window films help eliminate hot, uncomfortable spaces, and make windows the assets that you intended them to be.

Energy Savings

Llumar window films, installed by, reject up to 80% of the sun’s heat and may make a significant difference in energy costs. By rejecting solar heat, can provide significant cooling savings during our hot Texas summers.

Home Furnishings Protection

Llumar window films, sold and installed by, reflect the sun’s heat and shield against 99% of the harmful UV rays. With our window films, furniture, drapes, wood floors, and carpets fade less, and can last longer.


Drawn drapes, or closed blinds create a dreary atmosphere and may increase the need for artificial lights. Now you don’t have to sacrifice the view, or feeling of freedom you get from attractive windows because can cut the glare and leave the view with Llumar films.

Beautiful Windows

Llumar films from make windows work! From the inside, a pleasant, minimal glare and distortion-free view. From the outside, the uniform appearance of our films complements your structure’s design, increases privacy and eliminates visual clutter that results from varieties of coverings, plants, décor, etc..


Ordinary glass can break and splinter during extreme weather, vandalism, and accidents. It is sharp glass splinters that creates the likelihood of injury. installs LLumar window film to help hold broken glass together, thereby reducing dangerous splintering.

Easy to Maintain

Llumar films from have a tough durable coating which gives the surface excellent scratch resistance and assures carefree maintenance with most conventional cleaning methods.


As an authorized Llumar window film dealer, offers full factory warranties on all jobs.

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